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Innovative solutions for recyclable plastic packaging

As one of the leading manufacturers of polymer foils and packaging we strive to provide our customers and partners with the latest and most innovative products and solutions available on the market. As a result of the final version adopted by the European Parliament on 27 March 2019 of the draft Directive on the reduction of the use of certain types of plastic products, ATE Plast team is working hard on various product solutions to meet the set goals.

This directive is the consequence of the EU Action Plan adopted in 2015 for a circular economy and covers the entire life cycle of the product, and the creation of value, integrating: design, the usage, recycling and reuse. The aim is to ensure that all plastic packaging placed on the EU market can be reused or recycled in a cost-effective manner by 2030. 

In connection of this, ATE Plast, together with partners in the supply chain, works on several new product lines:

  • Eco products with very low carbon emissions that are fully recyclable and reusable for industrial food packaging;
  • Laminated packaging type duplex, made of homogeneous materials allowing full recycling and reuse of recycled material, as well as the elimination of the costs of delivery of the waste for combustion;
  • Shrink film with partially recycled material that retains the strength of the finished stack and optical properties;
  • Foils for automatic vertical and horizontal lines based on biopolymers with low carbon dioxide emissions and without the use of fossil resources;

These new solutions will allow our customers to reduce their packaging costs, meet new consumer demands for sustainable development and reduce environmental pollution.

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