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Barrier foils


5-layer barrier foils. Their main application is the FLTD and Beverage industry, and for this purpose we offer several manufacturing structures, and each has different characteristics and properties, given the individual needs of each client.

Type of structures:

  • PA/PE –standard, asymmetric structure for thermoforming machines
  • PE/PA/PE –symmetrical structure, increased barrier properties and reduced curling effect
  • PP/PA/PE –symmetrical structure with increased temperature resistance of the outer layer
  • PE/EVOH/PE –symmetrical structure with super barrier
  • PP/EVOH/PE – Super barrier with high temperature resistance of the outer layer

Barifol comes on a roll, as top and bottom foil. The dimensions are according to the client's order. Given their purpose and application, they are classified as follows:

  • Barifol for meats and sausages
  • Barifol for cheeses and yellow cheeses
  • Barifol for liquid products /Bag-in-box/ 
  • Barifol aroma barrier
  • Barifol for modified atmosphere
  • Barifol for printing and laminating – with maximum diameter 800 mm

Barrier Bag

Vacuum bags. Besides the foil form, we offer barrier bags with three-side seal as the dimensions are under clients' order. They can be manufactured in different colours, printed and with euro holes tailored to the client's requirements.