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"Green" mission

In recent years, rising costs and declining oil stocks, increasing packaging waste (over 170 kg/ year per EU resident) and difficulties in recovering waste have been the main drivers for finding and implementing concrete solutions for sustainable development and protection of the environment. As one of the leading manufacturers of polymer foils and packaging we strive to provide our customers and partners with the latest and most innovative products and solutions available on the market. As a result of the final version adopted by the European Parliament on 27 March 2019 of the draft Directive on the reduction of the use of certain types of plastic products, ATE Plast team is working hard on various product solutions to meet the set goals. In our product portfolio we offer 4 variants of products that will reduce environmental pollution and meet the new requirements of consumers for more sustainable development. The aim is to ensure that all plastic packaging placed on the EU market can be reused or recycled in a cost-effective manner by 2030.