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Laboratory and quality

Our quality and environment policy aims at ensuring the supply of products in compliance with the requirements and expectations of stakeholders, and preventing or limiting the negative impact on the environment in the production of foils and packaging, by strictly complying the current legislative and regulatory requirements in Bulgaria and the European Union.

Our products are inspected and tested regularly in external accredited laboratories to provide the necessary documentation for food contact under the requirements of the legislation in force. To ensure consistent quality and improve our products Ate Plast LTD has internal company laboratory where we control the main indicators of the foils and packaging produced. The selection of right prime and raw materials and materials from proven suppliers and the use of modern equipment guarantee the achievement of consistent quality and cover the high demands of our clients.

Ate Plast LTD has developed, implemented and maintains a functioning Integrated Quality Management System BDS EN ISO 9001:2015, including the principles of the Environmental Protection System under the requirements of BDS EN ISO 14001:2015, as part of the Global Standard for packaging and packaging materials for food contact BRC Packaging.