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Ate Plast OOD with new K-seal confectioning machine

TONY is the newest addition to the machine park of Ate Plast OOD. Here each machine has its own name. Tony is a K-seal / sacks with square bottom sealing confectioning machine and is especially suitable for bulk packaging. The production of the new machine is oriented to the Scandinavian market, meeting the needs of the food industry and in particular - the fish industry. The strong bottom seal ensures the reliability of the packaging and eliminates the loss in the corners.

The new machine will increase the capacity for making bags, reaching 150 pcs. per minute, while at the same time reducing the delivery time and carbon footprint in the production of this type of product.

Ate Plast continues to develop and invest in newer and more modern machines in order to meet the demand of the world market and produce as efficiently as possible using a minimum amount of resources.

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