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Ate Plast LTD completed the project under the Operational program "Human resources development" (2013-10-04)

Ate Plast LTD completed the project under the Operational program "Human resources development". Grant Scheme BG051PO001-2.1.16 "Qualification services and trainings for employed persons – phase 3". 

The implementation of a project under a signed contract ESF-2116-09-12001 "Enhancing and improving the professional competencies of the employees of Ate Plast LTD" was completed on 04.10.2013.

The project provided training for enhancement of key competences in English language, German language, Digital competence and Training for trainers.

The successful implementation of the project activities led to improvement of the fitness, adaptability and skills of the employees. 94.44 % of the persons involved in the trainings passed a test, for which they received a certificate in the relevant key competence.

Trainees improved their professional competencies and occupational fitness. Developed was increased motivation for production activity and for continued vocational qualifications, as well as positive attitudes to learning throughout life in accordance with the priorities of the Operational programme "Human resources development".

Date of publication: 04/10/2013

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