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Stretch Bands

The use of Stretch bands is the new and creative way to securing all kinds of packaged goods. Each PE recyclable film has immense elastic strength that allows excellent pallet stability. They are an effective tool to secure pallet loads, drums and rolls of goods. They can even be used to keep the palletized load steady; should there be a need to move it to the wrapping machine or racking.

Stretch bands solve the problem of incurring too much plastic waste. They merely stretch around your pallet load; no need for excessive wrapping around the loads. You can apply one high, and one low to secure your load to prevent the excessive shifting of your cargo. Time spent on securing your shipment is also lessened by using this new technology.

Stretch Bands are the present and future of packaging and shipping. Delivery centers can have them on hand to care for the cargo entrusted to them by clients.  And because of their easy application, prepping the cargoes can be done at high speed.


Advantages of Stretch Bands:

  • Stretch Bands can hold different types of loads in place without worry of slipping.
  • Easy application means less time for preparing loads.
  • Stretch Bands are environmentally friendly, and because you don’t have to use too much, using them is not wasteful.
  • There is no need for costly machinery.
  • The Pallet Bands elasticity and strength are tried and tested.
  • There are a variety of widths, lengths and grades to meet your demands.
  • Stretch Bands are a cheaper alternative to plastic wraps.
  • Stretch Bands are 100% recyclable. Once they are used, they do loose elasticity and it is possible but difficult to reuse a stretch band.
  • They are not adhesive so there is no damage to your packaging.
  • They are simple and effective banding solution for packaging and distributing, stacking and palletizing.